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Culture | Urban Art in Johannesburg

What is Urban Art? What is graffiti and what is street art? Is there a difference? What happens in this scene in Johannesburg? Take this micro-class and find out!

Course content provided by Jo Buitendach, a passionate joburger, is inspired by her love of the inner city.

A registered guide and graduate from Wits and UCT, she has a Masters degree in “Conservation of the Built Environment” for her study of the “Heritage Value of Graffiti, with a focus on the historic graffiti at Constitution Hills, Number Four Prison”.

Not only is she clever, she made the cut for the Guardian Newspapers “10 of the World’s Best Tour Guides” feature in 2015, she was chosen as one of the 2016 “Mail and Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans”, the 2017 recipient of the Gauteng Provincial “Special Recognition Certificate” at the “Premiers Youth Excellence and Service Awards”, in recognition of her continued work in the Johannesburg Inner City, and the inaugural recipient of the UK Vanity Fair "Making a Difference Award" in 2019. 
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Micro-Class Lessons

Past Experiences is a small female owned specialist tour business, established in 2009 as the original Joburg Walking Tour Company. They will be sponsoring the Bethesda Children's home when you do this micro-class