Lesson series

Friends Around The World: South Africa - Cape Town

Get ready to meet Lolitha!

Let your child make a digital pen pal whilst learning more about Cape Town, South Africa and building their perspective and empathy!

FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD is a unique set of classes developed between The Breteau Foundation  and Be A Better Human.

If you have children under the age of 12, these classes are fabulous resource that you can use to:

a) Keep them occupied
b) build on a series that is interactive and educational
c) to develop empathy in children and introduce those children to another child from another culture.

The classes allow your child to 'meet' a child of a similar age in another country and learn more about their way of life - almost like a digital pen pal!

Not in South Africa? Use the PayPal Link below to enroll   

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Micro-Class Lessons

The Breteau Foundation believes that all children deserve high-quality education. The work they do to support learning with technology has allowed them to meet and help thousands of kids from all around the globe.