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Did you know that some owls have a built in comb? That's right - just like John Travolta in Grease, they never leave home without it. '

'Owl' you need to know about owls and creating an owl friendly space - dispel the myths about owls as well as:

  • Learn about the South African owl species.
  • Learn about owls’ diet.
  • Learn about owl pellets and prey analysis.
  • Learn about general owl morphology and how it aids in hunting (ears, eyes, talons, feathers).
  • Learn about owl mythology.
  • Learn about threats to populations.
  • Learn about conservation efforts and education programmes.

Support the owlproject.org who believe in creating owl friendly children, who go on to be owl friendly adults, living within owl friendly environments

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Micro-Class Lessons

The Township Owl Project (Owlproject.org) is an NPO 164 519 based in South Africa. When the project started 12 years ago it was in response to a call from the South African Department of Health. EcoSolutions formulated the Township Owl Project (Owlproject.org) as a means to assist in the management of rodent numbers in a healthy way.

What we do
The vision of the project is to create owl friendly children who go on to become owl friendly adults living within owl friendly environments.