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Personal Development | Imposter Syndrome

This micro-class explains the imposter syndrome phenomenon. Who is most vulnerable, thoughts and feelings associated with it and ways to help you overcome it.

Knowing how to respond and cope with imposter syndrome could help you understand yourself and those around you better. Creating a healthier mindset for you and those you love.

Imposter syndrome shows up frequently in the work place and most frequently with women, people of colour or persons with disabilities. As we should all aspire towards creating environments that allow for and value multiple leadership styles, as well as acknowledge that women, women of colour, persons with disabilities and other historically marginalised groups are fully capable of adding value to the workplace. This in itself would create a richer and more diverse culture in business that would help combat Imposter Syndrome.
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Micro-Class Lessons

Quote This Woman +
Quote This Woman+ is a non-profit company based in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, but working throughout South Africa. Our aim is to contribute to gender transformation of the media landscape through the use of woman+ voices and narratives that better correlate to South African demographics. We are building a body of woman+ experts in traditionally male-dominated fields to appear on panels and in the news, and we’re collating new narratives from this database with the aim of broadening the news agenda.