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Causes | Disability Awareness

Would YOU like to support the empowerment of persons with disabilities, to make someone's life a better one? 

There are millions of people dealing with some form of disability and YOU can help make their lives a better one, by educating yourself and others about disabilities and promoting awareness in your place of work, establishments that you visit and in your own home.

YOU can also ensure that persons with disabilities are not discriminated against and have all the tools needed to be able to have an equal experience, no matter where.
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Micro-Class Lessons

Created in collaboration with Bernadette Rigney from Fability.

Bernadette is also an Award-winning Entrepreneur and former Government Transformation Officer.
Bernadette was born with a rare condition called Arthrogryposis, which affects the muscles and limits the range of motion in her hands and legs.
Bernadette is passionate about creating greater awareness of the many different needs for different types of disabilities, because she is in a unique position to bring attention to the challenges that persons with disabilities face on a daily basis.