Lesson series

Personal Development | Appreciative Inquiry 

Appreciative Inquiry is a philosophy and change management tool designed to focus on the best of what currently exists to build something even better.
Practical applications of Appreciative Inquiry
  •  As a tool for personal reflection
  • Appreciative Conversations
  • Appreciative Leadership
  • Empowerment for Entrepreneurs
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Meet the instructor

Claire Holden

Claire Holden is an Empowerment Coach, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner and author of guided journals.  
As Director of Change in Mindset, Claire spends her time working to empower individuals and teams to recognise their strengths, articulate their desired future and develop strategies to achieve success. 
Claire is passionate about making coaching available to as wide an audience as possible. Her journals are designed as self-guided coaching journeys. Based on respected research they are fun, creative spaces to help people develop self-awareness and grow in relationship with themselves, celebrating strengths, appreciating uniqueness and articulating what living your best life means to you.

Claire is passionate about producing material to be published across online platforms with the intention of reaching larger audiences at better prices in an effort to make coaching, empowerment and appreciative volition accessible to all. 
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