Nov 9 / Sally Acton

Be A Better Human November News 2020

Do you feel like this year has suddenly got that juggernaut feeling? 2020 has certainly been a challenging year (challenging feels like a bit of a euphemism - but let's keep it professional right?)

We've been really busy and have launched some new titles on Be A Better Human - we will also be running some great specials for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course, Giving Tuesday, which is a big one for raising funding for our NGO partners. After all, that is what BABH is all about - raising funding for our partners and creating job opportunities for content creators. We really believe that together we can help to address some of the challenges that the world faces through education and empathy. 

Onto our titles!

If you are interested in endangered species - we have partnered with the Endangered Wildlife Trust to bring you information about the following species and raise funding for EWT:
  • The African Grass Owl
  • The Black Rhino
  • The Cheetah
  • The Lion
  • The White-backed Vulture

We are working with Pangolin.Africa to raise awareness about Pangolins and raise funding for them - you even get a bonus when you buy our Pangolin Class!

If you are interested in Bees and helping to keep them buzzing around and keeping our planet healthy, check out this amazing micro-class written by sustainability expert Denise Galvin - Bees: An Introduction. All funding raised goes to support SOFAfrica, a Kenyan based organisation that is focussed on getting communities involved in sustainable farming. 

To keep everyone safe over this summer season, I can highly recommend the Drowning Prevention micro-class in partnership with Lifesaving SA. Not only is this information essential for everyone to know, but by taking the class, you are helping to fund their good work and ability to go to schools that cannot afford to pay for them.

Tomorrow Trust have launched the first of several personal development micro-classes - starting with Emotional Intelligence. Written by Stacey Rontiris - this is an incredible class on the power of EQ and how you can develop it.

Compiled with Candice Chirwa, the Minister of Menstruation and funding The Pad Princess, our micro-class on Period Poverty is one that is very close to my heart - in 2020 it is quite scary to think how many menstruators still miss school or have such difficulty managing something that they have no control over. I would encourage EVERYONE to take this micro-class and be able to share the knowledge. If you are in a position in a school or company - I would encourage you to take the class and think about if your current bathroom set up caters for the needs of everyone that menstruates.

Classes that are coming up:
  • Personal Branding with Tomorrow Trust
  • Understanding Bias 
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset, written by Inner Voice to benefit The Breteau Foundation
  • Additional animal titles with Endangered Wildlife Trust:
  • African Cranes
  • The Blue Crane
  • The Blue Swallow
  • The Dugong (SO CUTE I COULD DIE!)
  • The Hadeda (made famous by Pharrell Williams) 🤣
  • The Humpback Whale
  • The Leopard
  • The Oribi
  • The Riverine Rabbit
  • The Spotted-necked Otter (my favourite)
  • The White Rhino
  • The Wild Dog
  • With Two Oceans Aquarium:
  • An introduction to Biomimicry
  • Cnidaria 
  • Sharks - an Introduction
  • An introduction to Trails and the history of trails - by Love our Trails
  • A series on female liberation heroes to benefit Fightback SA (very excited for this)
  • Situational Awareness - in support of GBV
  • Queer101 in partnership with GALA - the Gay and Lesbian Archive
  • Trans101 and a guide for gender in partnership with Matimba
  • Disability101 - what you need to think about in partnership with FABILITY
  • Basics of Budgeting with MoneySavvy
  • Bullying for parents, children and in the workplace with Project Braveheart
  • Understanding childhood cancer signs with CHOC
We will also be launching some of our sponsored classes, which means they are free for all learners and kindly sponsored by our amazing partners - these include:
  • An introduction to powerlifting and strength sports with LIFT4LIFE
  • An introduction to journalling and self-reflection with Change in Mindset
  • Understanding POPIA with Everlytic
A big thank you to these sponsors - making learning material free and helping us to get it out there is amazing!

Don't forget, each micro-class is on R115 or $7 and supports the linked charity - so you are doing good whilst learning!

See you online!

Sally & the BABH Team