Micro-learning for you.
Quick & Impactful. 

Why should I take these micro-classes?

Micro-classes that will help you to develop and move forward in both your personal and professional life - whilst doing good.

  • Learn. About the important subjects in a micro-class, quickly!
  • Understand. Answer a few quiz questions and earn your certificate to build your portfolio and share online.
  • Support. 20% of every micro class you do, is donated to the linked charity.
Sign up. Take a quick micro-class. Learn something that makes you a Better Human. Donate to the cause.
The micro-classes on Be A Better Human are designed to make you a better human. In 20 minutes or less, you can become informed on global issues, learn about important topical issues and even do some self-development to further your career. 

We work directly with NGO’s, non-profits and charities to develop and design easy to understand online learning on all of important subjects. Not only are you going to be able to talk intelligently and accurately about these subjects, but you also get to do some good at the same time. 20% of every micro class you do, is donated to the linked charity.
Don’t waste time searching for inaccurate information about important subjects. Get correct information in one place -  here on Be A Better Human.

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How long does a micro-class take? 

Not even the time it takes to have your cup of coffee!
In 20 minutes or less, you will have completed your learning! Be A Better Human is all about micro-learning - making it fast and enjoyable.

Micro-learning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient. According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, learning in bite-sized pieces makes the transfer of learning from the classroom to the desk 17% more efficient.

What do I get out of it?

A quick, enjoyable learning experience, the knowledge that you are donating funds to charity and creating jobs as well as a Be A Better Human Certificate. 

It’s a digital certificate that you can share as part of your professional credentials and on your social media accounts. 

How does the donation work? 

20% of the course fee is donated to the linked charity.
Every course that is submitted & published has to be linked to an organisation that is in need.

20% of the value of the course is donated to that charity upon YOUR successful completion of the course.
As you learn, they benefit as well. 

How am I creating jobs?

Be A Better Human offers the opportunity for job creation by allowing people to register as affiliates & provide course content as a way to earn a living.

The courses are subject to the same strict criteria & have to be approved by the linked charity & are vetted by the Be A Better Human team before being published. 

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What do we believe?

To do better, we need to know better.

We need to Learn.
We need to Support those that need help.
We need to Understand the facts.

Be A Better Human provides that first step via topical, cause-driven micro eLearning classes that do more than educate, a portion of each course fee goes to the linked charity to support them in their work & a portion goes to the course creator, to stimulate job creation.

Be A Better Human is proudly African, 100% female-owned & run & believes that every human can make an impact & better the world of another. 

Some of the organisations we work with or support